Thursday, April 13, 2017

A Few Modifications

Just a few minor modifications

Added a 12V outlet in the kitchen, this will be handy for the crock pot, which usually sits in the sink when we use it. I took the microwave out, then there is easy access to wiring right behind it, plus with the MW out, it was easy to attach the 12V outlet right on top of the 120V outlet.

Added some clothes hooks and clothes line, the clothes line is temporary and usually not there:

The clothes line goes back and forth across the hallway

Added these coat hooks to the bathroom and pantry doors so we have a place to hang clothes while getting ready to go out

Three small cup hooks above the top storage for the clothes line. 

Fixed the broken knobs on the hot water heater bypass valves. The little tabs had broken off. The knobs are brass and easy to drill, so I drilled a hole and put a bolt through both of them.

The top one is easy to see, the bottom one is a pita to get to, and it's
just visible in this picture.